Weekly Update - February 15

Dear NCHS Family,

I hope that everyone enjoys the well-deserved break and that you all have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. This should be a homework free week so that students have time to rest, de-stress and recharge.

Counseling services:

Please know that our School Counselors are available if students need to talk or to share any concerns. We are here to help and want students to be aware that we are always open to seeing them. In addition, I have an anonymous suggestion box on the school’s main website. Anyone can add something there, I check it on a regular basis.

Welcome new Teen Talk Counselor - Emma Kate Freatman

Please join in welcoming our newest staff member to the NCHS family, Ms. Emma Kate Freatman. Emma Kate will be our new Teen Talk Counselor and an important part of our counseling team. She comes to NCHS after working most recently as a Crisis Service Counselor with the local Kids in Crisis program. Emma Kate has a great deal of experience worki…

Weekly Update 2/9

Dear NCHS Family,

The NCHS Scholarship Foundation has been in existence for 51 years! We hope the entire community will participate April 28 in the NC Color Run which will benefit the NCSF.

The ultimate goal of the NCSF is to help as many of you as possible with financial assistance for your undergraduate education. If you are a senior and are planning on enrolling as a full-time student in a college or university (including technical and vocational schools), you may apply. Eligible students may qualify to receive aid for a maximum of four undergraduate years. Each applicant’s financial status is assessed by the College Scholarship Service. The basis for the Foundation’s decision is the information reported on the financial aid form and analyzed by the Service. The Foundation is using the same data that colleges employ in making their awards. All decisions are based solely on need alone.

For more information on how you may apply for a scholarship, please visit the new NCSF website a…