Weekly Update

Dear NCHS Family,

I hope that everyone is doing well on their final exams and the school year is ending on a positive note.  I know the Class of 2017 is so excited for graduation on Tuesday and we all look forward to a wonderful graduation!  The Class of 2017 has been wonderful role models for other classes to emulate and I can't thank them enough for their effort, positive spirit and kindness that they have shown the entire NCHS community.

Student Music:
It's here! NCHS Music Tech's annual collection of student music. This year marks the 10th year of FLTR (From Lambs to Rams) and the 10th year the graduation recessional is written by a student. This year's composer is Nicole Howard Krog. The album will also be featured in the slideshow aired before graduation begins.
The music is available on soundcloud as well as on the NCHS Music Tech website

FLTR 2017

Weekly Update 6/9

Dear NCHS Family,

Gala Tonight:
Our Visual and Performing Arts Celebration of the Arts Gala is tonite at 7:00 pm.  The purpose of the event to is showcase our NCPS students and to raise funds for the Saxe lighting and NCHS sound and lighting system.  We hope that you can either attend the concert or make a donation to help us move forward with the NCHS upgrades next year.   To purchase tickets: To make a donation:
Recognition Assembly:
On June 2, we held our annual Recognition Assembly. Please click here to see the awards and the recipients.
Exam Schedule: Although it has posted on-line, I thought I would share the link to the exam schedule.  
Graduation: NCHS Graduation is set for Tuesday, June 20 outside at Dunning Stadium at 5:00 pm.  If needed, there will be a rain date on Wednesday, June 21.
Grace Farms Study Space:
Grace Farms Cultural and Community Center will provide reserved study spac…

Weekly Update 6/2

Dear NCHS Family,
A special thank you the the teachers that are retiring at NCHS. Joe Ditolla and Joyce Didia have provided a lifetime of exemplary service to students and we wish them continued success as they begin a new life that provides them an opportunity to vacation in September.  Thank you to Rocky DeCarlo (ACES) and Edward Schriffert (language lab) who are also retiring from NCHS. Thank you to Dr. Veronica LeDuc who is retiring this year as an Assistant Principal; Ronnie has been a mentor and a friend to me and her wisdom has helped guide me over the last two years.  
I wish all of our retirees a happy and healthy future that is filled with joy and much fun!
Scholar Leader Dinner:
On Wednesday evening we had the privilege of hosting the Fairfield County Scholar Leader Dinner. Every school in the FCIAC was represented by talented students who were great representatives of all our schools.  Dr. LeDuc introduced our student representatives, Baskar Abhiraman and Emma Dahill. As is tr…